We're an animal friendly company - we never test on animals

In our long heritage as a skin care manufacturer, we've always believed that testing on animals in not only wrong but provides no beneficial real-world data. We've never been convinced that animal testing translates into similar human results – so why should innocent animals suffer? 

From day one, we've believed sound chemistry, knowledge of human physiology, and sound science provides the strongest foundation for formulating top-of-the-line skin care products. And you can be sure we stand behind this philosophy – because we test all our new products on ourselves first. When it's still warm in its beaker or first out of the lab, all our products are tested on the very people who helped create them and who will help sell them. So believe us when we say we're motivated to create only 100% safe and effective products – because we're applying them to our own faces and bodies. 

Meet Some of Our Staff And Their Animal Friends.

Zeus & Ian
Ian's lovable, affectionate "rotty" has a gentle temperament that makes him one of the sweetest dogs you'll ever meet. He might be a big dog, but his size is dwarfed by his big heart and the amount he loves the Strassler family. Ian has raised Zeus from a tiny puppy and has shared his home and life with him for over nine years.
zeus and ian
lisa and zeus Zeus & Lisa 
Zeus is also Lisa's baby. He's a big boy...but so is her husband Ian so she's used to that. Zeus is like another child and can always be found by Ian's or Lisa's side. Needless to say, with Zeus being so large, it does make for interesting sleeping arrangements on the cold nights Zeus tries to crawl into bed.
Cinnamon & Mrs. Strassler
Cinnamon is a pampered pooch by all definitions - and he likes it that way. These two are rarely separated - which is fine by Cinnamon. It's a good match he's a terrific companion that is always up for a warm snuggly cuddle.
Blazer & Lou 
Mighty Fine Blazer Boy, aka Blazer, is a 5-year-old, 70-pound yellow Labrador bred for the field and retrieving. Turn-ons: chasing baseballs, chewing bones, and sneaking up on squirrels. Turn-offs: trips to the vet, slippery floors, and loud noises. 
(Blazer not shown obviously)
Kitty & Pablo 
Even tough guys can have soft spots. For Pablo her name was Kitty. Kitty was an outdoor cat who came scratching at Pablo's door. He answered it with some food and water and that was it. The two were a pair. Kitty had a new home and Pablo a friend always happy to see him. 
(Kitty not shown obviously)