I'm considering buying the above product. Please let me know if the product is sufficient as a moisturizer too. In case it is not, would I also need a moisturizer to use on top of that? In case it is required would that suspend the action of the AlphaDerma CE? For your information, I'm 51 years old and my skin is normal to dry. Thank you

The AlphaDerma is a wonderful moisturizer. It is a total skin rejuvenating treatment that will astonish you after the first application. If you have savere dry skin you should add our day time moisturizer and your skin will look and feel the best it has in years guaranteed. We have several specials that cover everything you need and at great prices look under specials. Thank You!

Who will benefit from using Janson Beckett products?

Our Argireline based products are ideal for anyone looking to treat and prevent the effects of aging anywhere on their face and/or body. Each formula is safe and effective for men and women of all ages and skin types.

Do Janson Beckett products have a guarantee?

Yes, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you aren't completely satisfied, just return the unused portion of the product within 60 days & receive a full refund. Please e-mail or call for a return authorization number and we will see if we can help you with your skin care needs in any other way.

Do I need a prescription for Janson Beckett products?

No, Janson Beckett products can be purchased online anytime without a prescription.

What is Argireline?

Acetyl Hexapeptide 3 or Argirelene® is the only ingredient in cosmetics today offering the same results as Botox® without needles or the risk of damage to the skin or facial muscles. Argirelene® blocks nerve signals to facial muscles, relaxing them by producing a significant reduction in both the depth and size of fine lines and wrinkles.

What does the "10% Argireline® formulatin" on the product mean?

The manufacturer of Argirelene® and the cosmetic industry agree, a concentration above 10% presents no significant benefits and poses a risk for skin irritation or damage. AlphaDermaCE contains a true 10% Argirelene® formulation- the highest, safest level of efficacy available. Other competitors offer higher percentages of Argirelene®, but that does not make their formulation more effective.

Where can I use AlphaDerma CE?

AlphaDerma CE is safe and effective for use over the entire face and body. However, as with any cosmetic treatment, do not apply directly into the eye or eyelid area. AlphaDermaCE is ideal for the eye areas such as the corners and under the eyes.

Is AlphaDerma CE safe to us in direct sunlight?

Yes, AlphaDerma CE is safe to use when spending time outdoors. Also, AlphaDerma CE contains UVA/UVB coverage for extended protection against the elements.

Can I use AlphaDerma CE in conjunction with other skin care products?

Yes, AlphaDerma CE can be added to your daily regimen without any loss of efficacy or skin irritation. However, once you've tried AlphaDerma CE you will realize you do not need to use other skin creams!

Can I use our AlphaDerma CE if I have had a Botox® injection?

Yes, in fact using AlphaDerma CE can extend the results of a Botox injection.