Consumer Awareness and others are not impartially reviewing Botox® alternatives

We feel it necessary to address some prospective and ongoing customer concerns regarding our lack of presence on the supposedly impartial product review sites, such as Since is run by web savvy marketers, they tend to place very well in search engine rankings when someone searches for "Botox alternatives", "anti-aging", "anti-wrinkle" or similar key words. This makes it highly probable that an open-minded web user, looking for a Botox alternative or a peptide based product, will visit assuming that is an impartial, unbiased product review company. Unfortunately, this is NOT the case. and many others are pay-for-placement advertising sites

We find it unfortunate that consumers are being duped into believing this site, and other "review" sites are providing genuine unbiased information - when in fact they're all fulfilling self-serving agendas - making money by endorsing their own or affiliated products. 

How do you know and the others are not legitimate?

There's ample evidence to support our skepticism. First and foremost, and others pay for advertising positioning on the major search engines. This costs money, and with the premium positioning they often attain - it costs a lot of money. How do they pay for this blatant and expensive search engine advertising? Through product sales of the very products they're suppose to be impartially evaluating. Consider this in comparison to Consumer Reports, a trusted, respectable, independent non-profit organization protecting consumers since the 1930s. The only advertising you'll see for this reputable organization is that selling subscriptions to their magazine or web site – in which products are independently and truly evaluated and rated impartially. Consumer Reports does not make money by selling products as does and the others. That's the whole principal of impartiality - you can't benefit by selling the products you're reviewing - if you do, you're inclined to provide "favorable" reviews to those products making you money - it's human nature. And in the case of - it's the goal - to provide favorable reviews of products so unsuspecting consumers will think of it as an unbiased endorsement. We at Janson Beckett find this despicable.


Additionally, we find it odd that you can't actually contact or track down who owns or runs Your only point of contact a single lonely email address. In fact, if you do a little digging on the internet (using a whois DNS lookup), you'll find they've even taken great pains to "hide" their contact information for the owner of the domain. They've used a service Domains by Proxy, Inc. [] to obscure their domain owner. Why is this? What are they hiding? Attempting to foil SPAM is one thing, but for a genuine consumer protection company - don't you think you should be able to contact them by telephone or know who they are?

And consider our early experiences with During our roll out we contacted major online stores, salons, and retailers and offered them the chance to evaluate and to sell Janson Beckett Products. We've had great success and more and more sign up each day. However interestingly enough, when we contacted to "impartially" review AlphaDerma CE our emails went unanswered. After a while, we became curious and started to look into them. That's when we discovered the deception underlying To this day, they have failed to contact us or reply to any of our inquiries.

Additionally, early on, we found it bizarre that when you clicked on StriVectin you were taken to their OHT Peptide-3 product instead of StriVectin. After they were caught, deceiving consumers into buying OHT Peptide-3, they added StriVectin to the list attempting to appear legitimate. This is to little to late. Also, in the beginning their product review only consisted of very limited products - even today it only considers four. There are many new products in the anti-wrinkle category - so why haven't they re-evaluated?

Further, we find it a mystery, that you can't actually rate or review the products they suggest. So who is rating and reviewing the products? What parameters or testing methodologies did they use? We've all seen Consumer Reports on TV...we know they take great pains to create fair and accurate tests to properly compare products they're reviewing. On all we have is a rating and a link to buy the product. Seems a little peculiar?

We stand by our product and will go head-to-head with any of the competition!

Janson Beckett's heritage as a skin care company, and only a skin care company, guarantees we have a vested interest in producing best-in-class products that are effective and actually do what we say they do. If we didn't, we wouldn't have customers for very long. We scientifically design and manufacture only the highest-quality skin care products and we don't promote or sell anything that doesn't work. It's also why we're confident enough to back our products with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. You won't find any of our competitors, that are hyped on, offering a similar guarantee. 

AlphaDerma CE's superior blend of ingredients treats your skin on many levels. The competition just doesn't compare.

INGREDIENTS AlphaDerma CE Perricone StriVectin Kinerase   DDF   bellaplex
10% Argireline Yes No* No Yes Yes Yes
Alpha Lipoic Acid Yes No No No No No
Vitamin C Ester Yes Yes No Yes** No No
DMAE Yes Yes No No No No
Elastin Yes No No No No No
Collagen Yes No No No No Yes
Soy Yes No No No No No
UV-A/B SPF 15 Yes No No No Yes No

*Contains a blend of 41 Neuropeptides, Argireline is not listed. **Contains Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate Not Vitamin C Ester 

Better Than Botox®

A surgical injection of Botox® is designed to paralyze facial muscles to prevent them from contracting. AlphaDerma CE is formulated with 10% Acetyl Hexapeptide 3 (AH3), also known as Argireline. Argireline is the only ingredient in cosmetics today that offers the same results as Botox® without needles or the risk of damage to the skin or facial muscles. Argireline blocks the nerve signals that control the contraction of facial muscles. This produces a significant reduction in both the depth and size of wrinkles and fine lines. 

The Botox® Alternative - Acetyl HexaPeptide a.ka. Argireline!

The Argireline manufacturer and the cosmetic industry agree, a concentration above 10% presents no significant benefits and poses a risk for skin irritation or damage. AlphaDerma CE contains a true 10% Argireline formulation – the highest, safest level of efficacy available.

In clinical tests, Argireline has proven to show a 27% reduction of depth of wrinkles after only 30 days and a 17% reduction of wrinkles around the eyes after only 15 days of treatment. Tests also show a 39% improvement in smoothness, 42% improvement of dryness and 45% improvement in overall skin tone. AlphaDerma CE's 10% Argireline formulation and complex combination of eight potent ingredients will provide significantly better results.