Rachael & Ian
Ian & Rachael moments before 
her big surprise!

Every year, thousands of horses are crowded into trucks, forced to endure hours without food, water and rest, and driven to Mexico or Canada for slaughter. In 2007 alone, more than 30,000 U.S. bred horses were sold to foreign slaughterhouses and dispatched on kill-trucks to meet the their end in Mexico, where they are sold for human consumption or as pet food.

A beautiful 2-year old Cremello Filly, or Unicorn, as she came to be known, was one such innocent horse awaiting that horrible fate. Unicorn was ready to be purchased and already lined up for the kill-truck where she would receive a yellow USDA tag that would officially make her the property of a Mexican slaughterhouse, when she was plucked from from the lineup byThe Grey Dapple Thoroughbred Assistance Program and brought home by Janson Beckett President and resident animal lover, Ian Strassler.

Rachael & Ian
Unicorn & Rachael meet
for the first time

With the assistance of The Gray Dapple Thoroughbred Assistance Program, Ian had rescued Unicorn from a grisly demise. The young pearl white beauty was brought to an idlyllic 54 acre horse farm where she could be rehabilitated and meet her new best friend, Rachael, Ian's daughter.

Growing up, Rachael had always dreamed of having a beautiful white horse that looked like a Unicorn, and on her 7th birthday, her dad made that dream come true. This special birthday marked Unicorn's second chance at life with a loving new family who would forever provide her with the best.

Rachael & Ian
Unicorn, Rachael and trainer Gary Zook at Fox Chase Farm

Today, Unicorn lives in the lap of luxury at her brand new stall at Fox Chase Farm with her new owner, Rachael Strassler at her side, and receives training and guidance from world-renowned horse trainer, Gary Zook.

A dream come true for both Unicorn and Rachael!

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